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Want to Help Us? Write us a testimonial!

Friends, we are working hard to keep Like a Mustard Seed farm education programs available to our community. And we could use your help!

As a means of advocating for our farm and our programming, we are looking to share personal testimonials with our local governing agencies in order to share more about what we do and the particular impact we have had on community members.

Would you consider taking five minutes to write us a brief testimonial that we could share?

We are looking for any specific, positive impact that our farm has had on you, your family, and/or the community. We are particularly in need of testimony in support of our educational programs including: SPROUTS, PEEPS, farm camp, field trips, farm tours, gardening class, chicken processing class, adopt a hive program, egg hunt, storytime, even introduction to sourdough, even though we will no longer be permitted to have this class in the future. We would greatly value any information that would highlight our farm as an asset to our community.

Below, I have attached a template you can use to write out your testimony, or you could free-write. Please include in any testimonial the date, your first name, and the city and state in which you live. Anonymous testimonies will not be rejected.

We will graciously use these testimonies, in part or in whole, to advocate for our farm through board meetings, zoning applications, media, etc.

Please e-mail any testimonials to, subject line TESTIMONIAL. Submission of such gives Like a Mustard Seed LLC your permission to share your testimony, in part or in whole, publically.

Testimonial Template
Download PDF • 60KB

Thank you so much for your help!

The Jones Family

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