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  • What is Regenerative farming?
    Regenerative farming seeks to steward animals, plants, and the earth in a way that fosters regeneration, resilience, and wellness. Whereas conventional farming focuses on the large-scale production of a monoculture, regenerative farming focuses on utilizing biodiversity to create small-scale abundance through faithful management. Regenerative farming practices replenish the soil while stewarding creation naturally and allows for plants and animals to co-exist and benefit from each other. Food and products from regenerative farms are not only produced in a way that is better for earth, but better for the people who enjoy them.
  • What are pastured eggs?
    Did you know the average conventional, egg-laying chicken spends its life in a cage with less space than a sheet of copy paper to reside on, fed a controlled diet laden with antibiotics, all the while producing a volume of manure that cannot be utilized? Their eggs are cheap to produce, but at a cost. We believe that the best eggs are laid by happy chickens that are, as farmer Joel Salatin says, fully able to “express their chickenness.” Our chickens are on pasture with space and freedom to exercise, scratch, dust bathe, and eat a diet that includes grass and insects, all according to God’s design. In return, they fertilize the ground and gift us with eggs of a higher quality, nutritional value, and flavor. Compared to USDA approved conventionally raised chicken eggs, pastured chicken eggs can have: 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times more vitamin E, and 7 times more beta carotene. (Source: Mother Earth News, “Meet Real Free-Range Eggs,” 2007) Raising chickens on pasture is better for the chickens, the consumer, and the environment; we all win!
  • Why soy-free?
    Soy is one of the most affordable, but also heavily treated and genetically modified, proteins used in animal feed. When soy is fed to chickens it depletes the chicken of its vitamin D stores and some soy transfers to the egg. We supplement our chickens’ natural, omnivorous diet with certified organic, soy-free feed in order to promote the best health for our chickens and our customers.
  • What do you sell on your farm?
    We sell - rainbow-colored, soy and corn free, pastured chicken eggs - raw honey (as supplies last) - soy-free, pastured broilers (seasonal) - pastured turkeys (seasonal) - organic plant starts (seasonal) - vegetables and berries (seasonal) - home-made and hand-designed products
  • Can I visit your farm?
    We love having visitors to the farm! You are welcomed to come anytime to buy eggs, produce, or whatever we have available at our roadside stand. However, if you are hoping to visit the farm to see the animals or learn more about what we do, ask that you come for one of our classes and events. See your CLASSES AND EVENTS page for more information.
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