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of like a mustard seed farm


pastured chickens

Chief Egg Layers

Land Fertilizers

Pest Maintenance

Our chickens are a happy bunch of free-range birds, foraging wherever they like, and fed an organic, soy-free feed. They lay the most beautiful eggs around. Nouvegen Browns, Easter Eggers, Rustic Ramblers, and Rhode Island Reds give us a gorgeous variety of hues that make every dozen special.


Free-Range Ducks

Supporting Egg Layers

Land Fertilizers

Pest Maintenance

Our ducks bring personality and fun to the farm. We love watching them waddle around in a huddle and splashing around in puddles. We currently have Khaki Campbells, prolific egg layers, and Rouens. They provide gorgeous duck eggs, a great alternative to chicken eggs, especially for those with chicken egg allergies.

Khatadin Sheep

Lawn Maintenance

Future Orchard Fertilizers

Teachers of Spiritual Lessons

We have five sheep; Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Brando, and Little Love. Our sweet Brando has recently become an amputee.



Future Dairy Source

Future Beef Source

Land Fertilizers

Grace the cow and Frank the steer are our first cattle, each with a unique purpose. They add character and personality to our farm.

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